Building facade lighting fixtures

Elettrico is a building facade lighting fixtures supplier in Dubai. We provide a turn-key services: supply fixtures, create architectural facade lighting design, installation, set up facade lighting system

exterior illumination design concept for stadium uae

We do a facade lighting design

You will be offered not only to choose and to buy fixtures. We will make an unique solution for a particular building facade. Our company uses innovative energy-saving technologies and the latest fashion trends in outdoor illumination design.

We create facade lighting design concepts, 3D visualizations and video, drawings, set up programming of the facade illumination.

Our designers know how to combine different lights to achive an excellent result. We make impressive outdoor appearance and ensure enough illumination for the building and adjacent territory.

mosque exterior backlighting

Mosque lighting design

To illuminate mosques, we will offer you a wide range of solutions: continuous lighting, combination with local light соурсе to emphasize architecture details, LED and more.

Media facade lighting

We have a large selection of media solutions for building facades: large LED screens, special translucent LED panels and other options.

Residential house exterior lights

Residential house facade lighting

Usually we suggest to us local illumination techniques to effectively highlight the details. Designers will offer you a combination of local and contour lights and other options.

highlighted hotel architecture

Hotel facade lighting

For the hotel’s illumination, our specialists will make an external design that combines dynamic, local and contour lighting. The design highlights the dimensions of the building, emphasizes the architectural elements, creates dynamics, attracts attention. We use flexible cords, neon, luminous tubes and more.


Mall outdoor illumination

Dynamic lighting can change colors, flicker and create various light-dynamic effects. You will be offered with modern control systems, that provides very wide dynamic possibilities. Elettrico designers use LED spotlights, RGB color changing and DMX control systems, LED neon lights and much more. Also we are ready to offer you contour and flood solutions for the facades of shopping and entertainment malls.

Our services

Elettrico company realizes buildings facade lighting projects on a turn-key basis in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

We are ready to complete you project from A  to Z:

  1. Selection and calculation of necessary lights equipment
  2. Creating a design concept for your building
  3. Supplying on the site on time.
  4. Installation

Get cost calculation of building facades lighting design and fixtures.

If you want to receive a cost estimation just fill out the form. If you need more information write you question or call us, the manager informs you about everything.


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