Smart home automation system solutions in Dubai

Elettrico supplies smart home systems from the best european smart home automation technology companies. We sell equipment for controlling light, temperature, anti-leakage, curtains, etc.

Elettrico opens up to customers incredible home and lighting control capabilities. Thanks to smart solutions, you can realize the boldest design ideas. Our company undertakes all engineering calculations, installation, selection of equipment and creation of original scenarios in the Smart House. You just have to enjoy the result.

make you villa intelligent and comfortable to live

  ► Unification. Forget about the multitude of switches and consoles. All this is now available from one touch panel or screen of your mobile phone (after installing the corresponding software).

  Full control. With just one control point, you can manage the entire illumination in the house, no matter where you are. With the Internet, you can turn on the lights in the bedroom from an office located at the other end of the city.

   Exterior lighting control. Our specialists install adjustable equipment for the external areas of the building. Surprise guests with landscape and facades lighting.

  Automatic control. Our Smart illumination system determines the required level of illumination depending on the time of day and year, the activity of a person, the presence of people in the building, etc. In addition, it is possible to implement light control by timer.

  Scenarios. Our company offers a wide range of ready-made options for automatic management by default. In this case, you can customize your own version, which includes a unique set of actions.

home automation panel

We want to relax at home. It should be cool, light and cozy. With Smart home system you turn on the light, air conditioning, TV just to click 1 button. And you never forget to turn off all devices ywhen you are leaving the villa. Everything is working automatically.

Intelligent systems allow you to automate the management of household appliances, lighting, ventilation. With it your home is a place where, by the magic wand (namely, the remote control), the devices turn on and off at a certain programmed time. A smart house system can take care of coziness and save resources in your home. The most popular function is the automation of the house and, in particular, the automation of lighting.

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Additional benefits of Smart House systems

  Autonomy. The motion sensors on the driveway and inside the house determine when a person  come in and turn on the light. Also, the intelligent lighting system can be customized according to your wishes. For example, in a daytime on the adjacent territory illumination is turned off, but with the onset of the evening it gradually works brighter and brighter. Your participation is not required.

  Light tracking. As soon as you enter the building, the light turns on automatically and moves after you, turning off in the rooms that you just left, and switching on in the rooms you came to.

  Electricity saving. You no longer have to think about whether you turned off the light in a particular room. The motion sensor detects the absence of a person and turn off all the lighting equipment. The universal script “I’m gone” makes it possible to extinguish the lighting fixtures throughout the house.

  Connect to a sound system. RGB-backlight can be combined with music. Lamps shimmer or blink depending on the style of the song. This is an excellent ready-made version of the system management, which is suitable for parties and children’s holidays.

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