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Are you looking for outdoor lighting companies in Dubai? Elettrico is one of the leading outdoor lighting suppliers in Dubai: flood fixtures, chandeliers, pendant and exterior string lights, landscape, industrial, and public street lighting, fiber optic, and more.

Also, we have a store and a showroom, where to buy outdoor lights. A large assortment is available to buy in the showroom and more than 850 outdoor light fixtures will be offered you with our catalogs.

amaizing outside illumination

As a leading public street lighting supplier in Dubai Elettrico provides an excellent opportunity to buy street lamps on pole light fixtures with a large and small diameter. This type of equipment is widely used for park, landscape and public roads illumination. The most common application is the installation on lighting poles, entrance gates, fences and city streets.

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The choice of external lighting is based on engineering and technical calculations. It is necessary to take into account the features of the object: the area of the land, the level of illumination, the mode of devices operation, the limit on the consumption of electricity.

The selection of outdoor lighting fixtures by our specialists takes into account the service life of the devices, the cost of lamps, the payback period. The price of a complete set of outdoor lighting depends on:

  • categories of light sources and mounting kits;
  • requirements of the design solution and the complexity of the illumination design;
  • the scale of the project.

We do 3D visualization of illumination of your object. You can see in advance your lighting design and an illumination level.

There is also a special group of goods that provide stylized and decorated illumination. A whole complex of small lights looks great on the building, trees, and objects of landscape design. Find out more about outdoor fiber optic illumination.

Solar street lights with pole

Outdoor sources of light can be divided into two types: functional and decorative. Depending on the location landscape lighting can perform one of the functions or both of them. Our specialists will help you choose beautiful and functional options.

single tall street light

We are the supplier of solar street pole lights for Dubai Hills district. The modern solar pole lights, which we have installed in Dubai Hills, look amazing. Visit the area to see it in reality.

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5 Reasons to order outdoor lighting in our store

  ► Certified goods. All our products are certified and pass quality control. Our professional knowledge allows us to choose the optimal solution for each situation.

  Outdoor lighting showroom. There are many products in the showroom, which you can buy in the store and immediately pick it up.

  ► Order from lighting manufacturers. Elettrico provides the service to order exterior lights from the manufacturers by catalogs. We deliver from the manufacturer to your facility.

  ► Outdoor lighting warehouse in Dubai. A wide range of fixtures in stock!

  Fast delivery to the site. Pick up your order at Elettrico store or order the delivery to your home or the construction site.

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