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Elettrico is one of the leading LED flood light suppliers in Dubai UAE. We offer a large range of illumination products for clients all around the UAE. You can visit our showroom in Al Quoz Industrial 4 in Dubai, or request to supply flood lamps to your site.

LED floodlights are a truly revolutionary way to brighten, secure and economically illuminate even big rooms. You can purchase the newest models, which are a technological breakthrough. We have a specific large and small LED flood lights are designed to illuminate advertising structures, building facades, landscape.  Our specialists help you to buy the best lighting option for your project.

LED flood lights in Dubai, uae

  ► Illumination of large objects. These lamps can be used to reliably illuminate billboards, large buildings or a huge landscape area. Such wide application is caused by minimal fire danger and the absence of a negative influence on health and nature.

  Durability. This is a great advantage of a spotlight with LEDs. It can safely work up to 50,000 hours and this is considered the norm.

  Reliability use even in harsh environments.

  Part of the assortment of LED floodlights is equipped with a waterproof casing and construction that allows lighting even the underwater surface. The illumination of fountains or pools, in this case, becomes easy and reliable.

  Multicolor. Possibility to receive illumination of a certain or changing colors, that can play a decorative role.

There are over 100 models of projectors in our assortment! Contact us.

Modern LED technologies have a large working life, that allows them to forget about the need for maintenance for years. In comparison with floodlights with halogen lamps, LED floodlights have a significantly longer life (up to 50,000 operating hours) and consume less power (10 to 60 W). An additional advantage is the resistance to mechanical influences, vibrations, and shocks. This provides significant savings in the maintenance of floodlights and the use of electricity.

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