Linear diode lightning for decorative illuminations of interiors and exteriors.


Plane thin panels for commercial and residential facilities illumination.


Tube lamps to highlight indoor & outdoor zones, including facades, landscape.

Flood lamps

Flood lanterns for landscape and other outdoor use.

LED light supplier in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for LED light suppliers in Dubai UAE, who supply hight quality lighting fixtures at a reasonable price? Elettrico lighting company offers a wide range of products from world top manufacturers. There are LED luminaires for a shop, a showroom, a residential home or a commercial office, an industrial factory in our assortment.

Elettrico company is engaged in designing and development of LED lighting systems. We make projects of various complexity levels, any scale and purpose: from highlighting architectural facades and landscape to indoor lighting of industrial buildings, large shops, exhibitions and offices.

LED Illumination of Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

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Why to buy LED lights in Elettrico lighting company:

panels ia available to buy

  Additional services! We calculate the necessary amout of lighting with 3D visualization of the premises. You will see the real illumination of the room on 3D visualization.

  We supplement the range every quarter. Just call our manager +971 4 2211333 or send BOQ. We will select the optimal lighting fixtures for your project on a budget.

  Do you have a small or huge project? Order in Elettrico to supply any amount of LED fixtures: from a small project to a wholesale distribution.

RGB lighting for homes and shops suppliers

  ► All products have passed quality control and have the necessary certificates.

  We create lighting design projects for residential, commercial and retail, building facades and advertising space.

  We deliver in Dubai for free. Need to receive in another city? Call us to find suitable solution.

Product Benefits:

  ► Special LED products for: street and industrial projects, shops, malls, showrooms, offices and residential villas, and even components.

  ► The LED does not heat up, as it works at low voltage, that ensures a high level of fire safety.

  ► The ability to control the light flux, both in color and brightness, which can not be obtained with a similar energy consumption of other lamps.

  ► High luminous efficiency. Almost all the energy converts into light.

  Perfect for interior and exterior designs. The compactness, flexibility and variety of LED modules make it possible to realize a lot of designer lighting solutions in a variety of interiors.

  ► Significantly longer period of trouble-free operation in comparison with other lamps. This period can reach 35 – 50 thousand hours. For comparison, a conventional light bulb works no more than 2 thousand, energy-saving – no more than 10 thousand, tubular fluorescent lamps – 30 thousand hours. The value of LED luminaires is particularly important where renovation and maintenance of lighting systems entail significant costs.

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