Swimming Pool Fiber optic lighting supply in UAE

Elettrico supplies a variety of fiber optic lighting to illuminate the pool: with a clear & frosted glass, with an illumination angle from 15 to 50 degrees. Also, we provide installation services for residential and commercial projects.

illuminated swimming pool fiber-optical designs in dubai

Fiber-optic systems for pool lighting have several advantages:

The main advantage of fiber-optic illumination is the ability to install it into the most difficult to reach places, where there is no power grid or minimal space. 

  • Durability of the system: up to 20 years (up to 50,000 hours of continuous operation)
  • Extraordinary beauty;
  • Security;
  • Fire safety and reliability;

Optic rope does not need to be replaced. Only the source lamp has its work resource.

Optical light can be brought to any point, it does not transmit electricity or heat, only light. The fiber bundles are sealed, which prevents fouling and melting. Its connections and endings are made without the use of glue, with the help of the “dry polishing” technology. That is why a very high level of light conductivity is achieved.

Fiber optic lighting pool projects:

The Elettrico store offers a wide range of fiber optic products for an excellent pool appearance:

fiber lighting design
Fiber optic swimming pool design
fiber-optic perimeter and points pool illumination
Underwater illumination of a pool in UAE hotel

Need professional advice? Contact us, we are pleased to help you!

Order the installation of fiber optic pool lighting for:

Swimming pools

beautiful fiberstars lights

Fiberstars (starry sky)

fiber-optical lines

Fiber-optical line lights

fiberlights for steemroom

Steam rooms

illumination fixtures for sauna


bathroom lights fixtures on a budget



Fiber optic chandeliers

Projectors for lighting pools, roomy rooms and other wet areas

Projectors and other

Our services

Elettrico company provides turn-key fiber optic design services. We do:

  1. Selection and supplying of fixtures and equipment
  2. Creating a design conception and making drawings
  3. Set up program
  4. Delivery and installation on a turn-key basis
illuminated swimming pool fiber-optical designs in dubai

Get a cost estimation for fiber optic

    The cost of fiber optic lighting is determined by the cost of a projector, a generator, and cables. If you would like to receive a cost estimation, just sent us a request.


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