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Home automation of lighting in Dubai

Smart home lighting control systems open up new possibilities, allowing you to change the lighting color and adjust its intensity, as well as create smart scenarios and use automatic functions. Warm light will take care of evening comfort and help you relax after a hard day. Cold light will invigorate in the morning and will not let you lose concentration during work or study.

To ensure complete comfort, sensors make their job. Waking up at night, you do not have to go along the dark corridor. Dimmed lights illuminate your way without disturbing other family members.

Smart scenarios allow to do a single click only instead of four to five you usually do for switching on a whole group of lighting fixtures in the room. We can create for you an algorithm, for example, for a romantic evening, where a muffled tinted light will adjust to the desired mood, give the atmosphere mystery and emotionality. Another scenario for a family dinner, chandelier above the table and dim lights give a casual mood. Home cinema mode will prepare everything for a pleasant watching: the blinds goes down, the overhead lights get off, the contour lights turn on, and the multimedia will be ready just before you go in the room. Before leaving home, it no longer requires to walk around the rooms by pressing the switches. The auto-off function will turn off all the lights when the door closes behind you.

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Lighting automation

Lighting fixtures

  LED, usual chandeliers, spotlights can be managed through a mobile application.

Colored LED

  Use RGB lighting in the interior to create any color scheme in the room. You can select the desired color in one click using the app.

Brightness and warmth

  The light control system allows you to change the brightness of light sources and the warmth of their glow during the day.

Lighting scenarios

  Create unique lighting scenarios using various light sources for any occasion and mood. Bright light for a noisy party, dim lights for watching your favorite movie in the evening, careful lighting for a children’s room at night.

Turnkey installation

  All work is carried out by certified employees with knowledge of the intricacies of electrical work. Our experts will promptly complete the installation of equipment.

Automatic lighting of walkways

  Using miniature presence sensors, this automatically turns on the light in the dark corridor for maximum comfort. At night the system will automatically turn on the dimmed night illumination by the light sensor.

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