Spotlight fixtures in Dubai from Elettrico lighting company

Elettrico lighting company sells spotlights in Dubai showroom and online. We have a wide range of spotlight fixture: LED, ceiling, pendant, interior and outdoor, exterior and landscape, wireless and more. Buy spot lights for your home, office or store. At the moment, only part of our assortment is represented here. The whole assortment is available in our showroom in Al Quoz Ind.4, Dubai. If you are interested in a particular model, just send us an email or call us.

Spotlights are miniature lamps, mounted separately or assembled into groups on a common bar, and are used for local highlighting of certain zones in the room. Unlike the usual chandelier that floods the light all around, spots highlight some parts of the room and leave others in the cozy darkness, making the space more spacious and interesting due to the play of shadows.

The following types of spotlights are available in our online store:

  ► Overhead. They are attached to the ceiling by means of brackets, through which spots can be rotated.

  ► Built-in. Such fixtures are installed in prepared holes in false or suspended ceilings. The direction of the light flux is regulated by a rotating reflector.

  Spotlights on a common bar. The group of such bulbs is similar to a pendant lamp. However, if you want to have directional light, then buy the spotlights.

  Stretching systems. Under the ceiling stretch long cables, which are both the lines through which the lights move, and the source of electricity. Such a lamp can be moved to any point of the room. Order spotlight system and problems with the organization of lighting will be resolved for ever.

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A member of Master Lighting International Trading & Al Wafa Group, Jordan. Elettrico provides lighting solutions in any requirements. Established in 1979, the company has been in the forefront of the past 43 years.
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