Modern 32 plafonds chandelier – Berna

Chandelier Berna 32L from the Iris Cristal factory is directed up. The center of the chandelier is an inverted bowl, in which arc-brackets are fixed. The ends of the arcs are crowned with LED bulbs and point to the ceiling. All the elements of the lamp, except for the central bowl, are made of Bohemian crystal. Long hollow arc-ducts slightly widened to the edges and unusually beautifully shimmered with the illumination switched on. Arcs have different heights, which creates a multi-level effect. 32 plafonds are located on a circle with a diameter of 0.9 meters. The width of the chandelier exceeds its height, which is 0.68 meters.

The overall dimensions of the chandelier are quite suitable for standard ceilings, but are demanding on the area of ​​the room – in small spaces it is difficult to see the beauty of the product.


Product characteristics:

  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Bohemian glass
  • Dimensions: D90 / 68h, 32 lamps

How to order:

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