Liceo Honey and Clear



Modern glass chandelier – Liceo: Honey and Clear options

There are 2 options: Honey and Clear color are available to buy.

Chandelier Liceo honey like living energy. Long thin tubes famously twisted one around the other. The feeling that a static composition is moving in space. The chandelier combined the transparency of the Bohemian glass and the radiance of the chrome surfaces. It will add dynamics and light to your living room. Expressive model is emphasized graphically: the brackets, they are the same plafonds, are visible in the form of clear lines. The movement of each element can be traced not only in an incisive form, but also in its numerous facets – the glass has an uneven, textured surface. The unifying element in the chandelier is a flat bowl in the upper part of the structure. It is covered with a shiny chrome, with a mirror-reflecting effect, enhancing lighting.

Stylish chandelier Liceo honey – a worthy decoration of the space for the reception of guests.

Chandelier Liceo clear is able to “breathe life” into any interior. This is a bright, expressive model, which, of course, will add to the dynamics of your living room. Her bold lines create a movement effect. They are visually mobile and light, as if held by the hand of a talented artist. Their graphics are emphasized by the transparency of the glass and its textured surface, as if woven by dozens of faces. The chandelier is made up of ten elements that perform the function of brackets and, at the same time, plafonds. At the ends of the elements are mounted lamps, sheltered behind the glass protection of stylized plafonds. The transparency and gloss of the glass is enhanced by the radiance of the chrome-plated cover in the form of a wide rim on a small bowl – the central element of the chandelier.

Buy a Liceo clear chandelier for the living room, and your visitors will not tire of admiring its dazzling beauty.


Product characteristics:

  • Style: Art Deco, Classic
  • Material: Bohemian glass
  • Dimensions: 82 / 60h, 10 + 5 lamps

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