Luxor clear gold


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Classic glass chandelier with glow of gold – Luxor clear gold

The Luxor clear gold chandelier combined the transparency of Bohemian glass and the glow of gold. A composite complex model, two tier heights, attracts attention with laconic forms with a minimum of decorative elements. In its center is a massive vase, which is held on a bearing steel rod. Just like all other elements of the chandelier, the stem is made of glass, which hides a strong metal base – the armature. The vase retains long arms. They seem to fall out of her with steep waves, and, hanging in the air, they support the light sources. Each plafond is decorated on top with a wide metallic ring of golden hue, the surface of which is decorated with patterned embossing. A similar finish at the crown crowning the entire structure, and at the protruding lower element – the slough.

The universal chandelier Luxor clear gold is easily adaptable in both modern and classical interiors.


Product characteristics:

Style: Classic, Art Deco
Material: Bohemian glass
Dimensions:  80/55h, 14 lamps

How to order:

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